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Future Networks Training Ltd offer specific accreditation training courses. These courses will enable the trainee to be fully proficient to Openreach, NRSWA and accredited standards.

Employers are assured that candidates are fully compliant, safe and ready to be productive as soon as they leave our training centre.

We have concentrated on the delivery of fibre optic training to Openreach specifications, which is in line with the current telecommunications and networking demands.


Smart Awards

SA001 – Overhead (OH) Safety (3 day course)


SA002 – Underground (UG) Safety (1 day course)

Prerequisite Courses

E1 – Dropwire & OH Techniques (2 day course)

J5 – Fibre Drop Cable (1 day course)

K8 – Hand Rodding in the UG Network (1 day course)

One Fibre Network

N22 – One Fibre Network (OFN) Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Lead to Cash Provision (1 day course)

N23 – OFN FTTP Strategic UG + OH Build (5 day course)

N26 – OFN without the OH (5 day course)

N27 – OFN Cabling in the OH Network (2 day course)

N28 – OFN Cabling in the UG Network (1 day course)

FTTP Surveying

S11 pt.1 – FTTP Accreditation for Surveyors (Training) (2 day course)

S11 pt.2 – FTTP Accreditation for Surveyors (Assessment) (1 day course)


Confined Spaces – Medium Risk (2 day course)

New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA) (full suite)

Accreditation Partners

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